ReaDmE: Read-Rate Based Dynamic Execution Scheduling for Intermittent RF-Powered Devices

by   Yang Su, et al.

This paper presents a method for remotely and dynamically determining the execution schedule of long-running tasks on intermittently powered devices such as computational RFID. Our objective is to prevent brown-out events caused by sudden power-loss due to the intermittent nature of the powering channel. We formulate, validate and demonstrate that the read-rate measured from an RFID reader (number of successful interrogations per second) can provide an adequate means of estimating the powering channel condition for passively powered CRFID devices. This method is attractive because it can be implemented without imposing an added burden on the device or requiring additional hardware. We further propose ReaDmE, a dynamic execution scheduling scheme to mitigate brownout events to support long-run execution of complex tasks, such as cryptographic algorithms, on CRFID. Experimental results demonstrate that the ReaDmE method can improve CRFID's long-run execution success rate by 20 critical operational range or reduce time overhead by up to 23 previous execution scheduling methods.



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