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Reactive Neural Path Planning with Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance in a Condensed Configuration Space

by   Lea Steffen, et al.
FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

We present a biologically inspired approach for path planning with dynamic obstacle avoidance. Path planning is performed in a condensed configuration space of a robot generated by self-organizing neural networks (SONN). The robot itself and static as well as dynamic obstacles are mapped from the Cartesian task space into the configuration space by precomputed kinematics. The condensed space represents a cognitive map of the environment, which is inspired by place cells and the concept of cognitive maps in mammalian brains. The generation of training data as well as the evaluation were performed on a real industrial robot accompanied by simulations. To evaluate the reactive collision-free online planning within a changing environment, a demonstrator was realized. Then, a comparative study regarding sample-based planners was carried out. So we could show that the robot is able to operate in dynamically changing environments and re-plan its motion trajectories within impressing 0.02 seconds, which proofs the real-time capability of our concept.


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