Ratio Matching MMD Nets: Low dimensional projections for effective deep generative models

05/31/2018 ∙ by Akash Srivastava, et al. ∙ 0

Deep generative models can learn to generate realistic-looking images on several natural image datasets, but many of the most effective methods are adversarial methods, which require careful balancing of training between a generator network and a discriminator network. Maximum mean discrepancy networks (MMD-nets) avoid this issue using the kernel trick, but unfortunately they have not on their own been able to match the performance of adversarial training. We present a new method of training MMD-nets, based on learning a mapping of samples from the data and from the model into a lower dimensional space, in which MMD training can be more effective. We call these networks ratio matching MMD networks (RMMMDnets). We train the mapping to preserve density ratios between the densities over the low-dimensional space and the original space. This ensures that matching the model distribution to the data in the low-dimensional space will also match the original distributions. We show that RM-MMDnets have better performance and better stability than recent adversarial methods for training MMD-nets.



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