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Rate-Splitting Multiple Access for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Aided Secure Transmission

by   Ying Gao, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

In this letter, we study a rate-splitting multiple access (RSMA)-based intelligent reflecting surface (IRS)-aided multi-user multiple-input single-output (MISO) secure communication system with a potential eavesdropper (Eve). Aiming to maximize the minimum secrecy rate (SR) among all the legitimate users (LUs), a design problem for jointly optimizing the transmit beamforming with artificial noise (AN), the IRS beamforming, and the secrecy common rate allocation is formulated. Since the design problem is highly non-convex with coupled optimization variables, we develop a computationally efficient algorithm based on the alternating optimization (AO) technique to solve it suboptimally. Numerical results demonstrate that the proposed design can significantly improve the max-min SR over the benchmark schemes adopting other multiple access techniques. In particular, employing the RSMA strategy can substantially reduce the required numbers of IRS elements for achieving a target level of secrecy performance compared with the benchmark schemes.


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