Raptor Zonal Statistics: Fully Distributed Zonal Statistics of Big Raster + Vector Data [Pre-Print]

by   Samriddhi Singla, et al.

Recent advancements in remote sensing technology have resulted in petabytes of data in raster format. This data is often processed in combination with high resolution vector data that represents, for example, city boundaries. One of the common operations that combine big raster and vector data is the zonal statistics which computes some statistics for each polygon in the vector dataset. This paper models the zonal statistics problem as a join problem and proposes a novel distributed system that can scale to petabytes of raster and vector data. The proposed method does not require any preprocessing or indexing which makes it perfect for ad-hoc queries that scientists usually want to run. We devise a theoretical cost model that proves the efficiency of our algorithm over the baseline method. Furthermore, we run an extensive experimental evaluation on large scale satellite data with up-to a trillion pixels, and big vector data with up-to hundreds of millions of edges, and we show that our method can perfectly scale to big data with up-to two orders of magnitude performance gain over Rasdaman and Google Earth Engine.


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