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Raptor-IRSA Grant-free Random Access Protocol for Smart Grids Applications

This paper deals with the reliability of random access (RA) protocols for massive wireless smart grid communication (m-SGC). We propose and analyze an improved grant-free RA (GF-RA) protocol for critical SG applications under strict QoS m-SGC requirements. At first, we discuss the main features of the SG neighborhood area network (NAN) architecture. We explore the main features of low-rate machine-type wireless networks, and also we describe a technology characterization of wireless neighborhood area networks (WNAN) in medium-range coverage applications. We propose a new-improved irregular repetition slotted ALOHA, combing Raptor codes and irregular ALOHA, namely RapIRSA random access protocol, to better respond to critical high-reliability QoS requirements under a 5G network perspective. Then, we compare and comprehensively analyze the proposed RapIRSA protocol with two existing RA protocols, the IRSA protocol, and the classical Slotted Aloha. Finally, We summarize the potential challenges in implementing the proposed RA protocol for SG critical applications considering many smart sensors (SS).


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