Rapid Top-Down Synthesis of Large-Scale IoT Networks

by   Pradipta Ghosh, et al.

Advances in optimization and constraint satisfaction techniques, together with the availability of elastic computing resources, have spurred interest in large-scale network verification and synthesis. Motivated by this, we consider the top-down synthesis of ad-hoc IoT networks for disaster response and search and rescue operations. This synthesis problem must satisfy complex and competing constraints: sensor coverage, line-of-sight visibility, and network connectivity. The central challenge in our synthesis problem is quickly scaling to large regions while producing cost-effective solutions. We explore two qualitatively different representations of the synthesis problems satisfiability modulo convex optimization (SMC), and mixed-integer linear programming (MILP). The former is more expressive, for our problem, than the latter, but is less well-suited for solving optimization problems like ours. We show how to express our network synthesis in these frameworks, and, to scale to problem sizes beyond what these frameworks are capable of, develop a hierarchical synthesis technique that independently synthesizes networks in sub-regions of the deployment area, then combines these. We find that, while MILP outperforms SMC in some settings for smaller problem sizes, the fact that SMC's expressivity matches our problem ensures that it uniformly generates better quality solutions at larger problem sizes.


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