Ranky : An Approach to Solve Distributed SVD on Large Sparse Matrices

by   Resul Tugay, et al.

Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is a well studied research topic in many fields and applications from data mining to image processing. Data arising from these applications can be represented as a matrix where it is large and sparse. Most existing algorithms are used to calculate singular values, left and right singular vectors of a large-dense matrix but not large and sparse matrix. Even if they can find SVD of a large matrix, calculation of large-dense matrix has high time complexity due to sequential algorithms. Distributed approaches are proposed for computing SVD of large matrices. However, rank of the matrix is still being a problem when solving SVD with these distributed algorithms. In this paper we propose Ranky, set of methods to solve rank problem on large and sparse matrices in a distributed manner. Experimental results show that the Ranky approach recovers singular values, singular left and right vectors of a given large and sparse matrix with negligible error.



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