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Randomized Spectral Clustering in Large-Scale Stochastic Block Models

by   Hai Zhang, et al.

Spectral clustering has been one of the widely used methods for community detection in networks. However, large-scale networks bring computational challenge to it. In this paper, we study spectral clustering using randomized sketching algorithms from a statistical perspective, where we typically assume the network data are generated from a stochastic block model. To do this, we first use the recent developed sketching algorithms to derive two randomized spectral clustering algorithms, namely, the random projection-based and the random sampling-based spectral clustering. Then we study the theoretical bounds of the resulting algorithms in terms of the approximation error for the population adjacency matrix, the misclustering error, and the estimation error for the link probability matrix. It turns out that, under mild conditions, the randomized spectral clustering algorithms perform similarly to the original one. We also conduct numerical experiments to support the theoretical findings.


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