Randomized Quaternion Singular Value Decomposition for Low-Rank Approximation

by   Qiaohua Liu, et al.

Quaternion matrix approximation problems construct the approximated matrix via the quaternion singular value decomposition (SVD) by selecting some singular value decomposition (SVD) triplets of quaternion matrices. In applications such as color image processing and recognition problems, only a small number of dominant SVD triplets are selected, while in some applications such as quaternion total least squares problem, small SVD triplets (small singular values and associated singular vectors) and numerical rank with respect to a small threshold are required. In this paper, we propose a randomized quaternion SVD () method to compute a small number of SVD triplets of a large-scale quaternion matrix. Theoretical results are given about approximation errors and the corresponding algorithm adapts to the low-rank matrix approximation problem. When the restricted rank increases, it might lead to information loss of small SVD triplets. The blocked quaternion randomized SVD algorithm is then developed when the numerical rank and information about small singular values are required. For color face recognition problems, numerical results show good performance of the developed quaternion randomized SVD method for low-rank approximation of a large-scale quaternion matrix. The blocked randomized SVD algorithm is also shown to be more robust than unblocked method through several experiments, and approximation errors from the blocked scheme are very close to the optimal error obtained by truncating a full SVD.


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