Random Data Augmentation based Enhancement: A Generalized Enhancement Approach for Medical Datasets

by   Sidra Aleem, et al.

Over the years, the paradigm of medical image analysis has shifted from manual expertise to automated systems, often using deep learning (DL) systems. The performance of deep learning algorithms is highly dependent on data quality. Particularly for the medical domain, it is an important aspect as medical data is very sensitive to quality and poor quality can lead to misdiagnosis. To improve the diagnostic performance, research has been done both in complex DL architectures and in improving data quality using dataset dependent static hyperparameters. However, the performance is still constrained due to data quality and overfitting of hyperparameters to a specific dataset. To overcome these issues, this paper proposes random data augmentation based enhancement. The main objective is to develop a generalized, data-independent and computationally efficient enhancement approach to improve medical data quality for DL. The quality is enhanced by improving the brightness and contrast of images. In contrast to the existing methods, our method generates enhancement hyperparameters randomly within a defined range, which makes it robust and prevents overfitting to a specific dataset. To evaluate the generalization of the proposed method, we use four medical datasets and compare its performance with state-of-the-art methods for both classification and segmentation tasks. For grayscale imagery, experiments have been performed with: COVID-19 chest X-ray, KiTS19, and for RGB imagery with: LC25000 datasets. Experimental results demonstrate that with the proposed enhancement methodology, DL architectures outperform other existing methods. Our code is publicly available at: https://github.com/aleemsidra/Augmentation-Based-Generalized-Enhancement


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