RaBit: Parametric Modeling of 3D Biped Cartoon Characters with a Topological-consistent Dataset

by   Zhongjin Luo, et al.

Assisting people in efficiently producing visually plausible 3D characters has always been a fundamental research topic in computer vision and computer graphics. Recent learning-based approaches have achieved unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in the area of 3D real human digitization. However, none of the prior works focus on modeling 3D biped cartoon characters, which are also in great demand in gaming and filming. In this paper, we introduce 3DBiCar, the first large-scale dataset of 3D biped cartoon characters, and RaBit, the corresponding parametric model. Our dataset contains 1,500 topologically consistent high-quality 3D textured models which are manually crafted by professional artists. Built upon the data, RaBit is thus designed with a SMPL-like linear blend shape model and a StyleGAN-based neural UV-texture generator, simultaneously expressing the shape, pose, and texture. To demonstrate the practicality of 3DBiCar and RaBit, various applications are conducted, including single-view reconstruction, sketch-based modeling, and 3D cartoon animation. For the single-view reconstruction setting, we find a straightforward global mapping from input images to the output UV-based texture maps tends to lose detailed appearances of some local parts (e.g., nose, ears). Thus, a part-sensitive texture reasoner is adopted to make all important local areas perceived. Experiments further demonstrate the effectiveness of our method both qualitatively and quantitatively. 3DBiCar and RaBit are available at gaplab.cuhk.edu.cn/projects/RaBit.


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