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Query Expansion Using Contextual Clue Sampling with Language Models

by   Linqing Liu, et al.

Query expansion is an effective approach for mitigating vocabulary mismatch between queries and documents in information retrieval. One recent line of research uses language models to generate query-related contexts for expansion. Along this line, we argue that expansion terms from these contexts should balance two key aspects: diversity and relevance. The obvious way to increase diversity is to sample multiple contexts from the language model. However, this comes at the cost of relevance, because there is a well-known tendency of models to hallucinate incorrect or irrelevant contexts. To balance these two considerations, we propose a combination of an effective filtering strategy and fusion of the retrieved documents based on the generation probability of each context. Our lexical matching based approach achieves a similar top-5/top-20 retrieval accuracy and higher top-100 accuracy compared with the well-established dense retrieval model DPR, while reducing the index size by more than 96 method and achieves the highest Exact-Match score against several competitive baselines.


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