Quantum Intelligence

by   Sumit Gautam, et al.

Artificial intelligence has become promising and fast evolving technology now days. Machine learning and deep learning solutions have become prevalent and become feasible for solving complex problems with higher precision in lesser time which was not possible earlier. Computational power of classic computational machine is approaching to its maturity. Newer artificial neural network based solutions require higher computational power to train the system in shorter time. Quantum mechanics and information theory based quantum information systems & quantum computer have become promising choice. These quantum computers are feasible to solve specific problems which were not possible with classic computers. Artificial intelligence and quantum computing are becoming complimentary to each other and helping each other in evolution. Many of quantum computing problems such as de-coherence can be solved by artificial neural network assisted error correction code. Similarly quantum neural network, quantum algorithms are helping artificial intelligence for solving specific problems. This paper is focusing on concepts of artificial intelligence, quantum computing and current problems in quantum computing.


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