Quantum Fault Trees

by   Gabriel San Martin Silva, et al.

Fault tree analysis is a technique widely used in risk and reliability analysis of complex engineering systems given its deductive nature and relatively simple interpretation. In a fault tree, events are usually represented by a binary variable that indicates whether an event occurs or not, traditionally associated with the values 1 and 0, respectively. Different events are linked together using logical gates, modelling the dependencies that a subsystem or system may have over its basic components. In this study, quantum computing is leveraged to propose a novel approach to encode a traditional fault tree into a quantum algorithm. This quantum fault tree method uses quantum bits to represent basic events, effectively encoding the original fault tree into a quantum circuit. The execution of the resulting quantum circuit represents a full simulation of the fault tree, and multiple executions can be utilized to compute the failure probability of the whole system. The proposed approach is tested on a case study portraying a dynamic positioning system. Results verify that the quantum-based proposed approach is able to effectively obtain the dynamic positioning failure probability through simulation, opening promising opportunities for future investigations in the area.




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