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Quantum-enhanced Logic-based Blochchain I: Quantum Honest-success Byzantine Agreement and Qulogicoin

by   Xin Sun, et al.

We proposed a framework of quantum-enhanced logic-based blockchain, which improves the efficiency and power of quantum-secured blockchain. The efficiency is improved by using a new quantum honest-success Byzantine agreement protocol to replace the classical Byzantine agreement protocol, while the power is improved by incorporating quantum protection and quantum certificate into the syntax of transactions. Our quantum-secured logic-based blockchain can already be implemented by the current technology. The cryptocurrency created and transferred in our blockchain is called qulogicoin. Incorporating quantum protection and quantum certificates into blockchain makes it possible to use blockchain to overcome the limitations of some quantum cryptographic protocols. As an illustration, we show that a significant shortcoming of cheat-sensitive quantum bit commitment protocols can be overcome with the help of our blockchain and qulogicoin.


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