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Quantum Coherence Measures for Quantum Switch

by   Marek Sawerwain, et al.
University of Zielona Góra
Military University of Technology

We suppose that a structure working as a quantum switch will be a significant element of future networks realizing transmissions of quantum information. In this chapter we analyze a process of switch's operating -- especially in systems with a noise presence. The noise is caused by a phenomenon of quantum decoherence, i.e. distorting of quantum states because of an environmental influence, and also by some imperfections of quantum gates' implementation. In the face of mentioned problems, the possibility of tracing the switch's behavior during its operating seems very important. To realize that we propose to utilize a Coherence measure which, as we present in this chapter, is sufficient to describe operating of the quantum switch and to verify correctness of this process. It should be also stressed that the value of Coherence measure may be estimated by a quantum circuit, designed especially for this purpose.


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