Quanto: Optimizing Quantum Circuits with Automatic Generation of Circuit Identities

by   Jessica Pointing, et al.

Existing quantum compilers focus on mapping a logical quantum circuit to a quantum device and its native quantum gates. Only simple circuit identities are used to optimize the quantum circuit during the compilation process. This approach misses more complex circuit identities, which could be used to optimize the quantum circuit further. We propose Quanto, the first quantum optimizer that automatically generates circuit identities. Quanto takes as input a gate set and generates provably correct circuit identities for the gate set. Quanto's automatic generation of circuit identities includes single-qubit and two-qubit gates, which leads to a new database of circuit identities, some of which are novel to the best of our knowledge. In addition to the generation of new circuit identities, Quanto's optimizer applies such circuit identities to quantum circuits and finds optimized quantum circuits that have not been discovered by other quantum compilers, including IBM Qiskit and Cambridge Quantum Computing Tket. Quanto's database of circuit identities could be applied to improve existing quantum compilers and Quanto can be used to generate identity databases for new gate sets.



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