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Quantitative Correlation Inequalities via Semigroup Interpolation

by   Anindya De, et al.

Most correlation inequalities for high-dimensional functions in the literature, such as the Fortuin-Kasteleyn-Ginibre (FKG) inequality and the celebrated Gaussian Correlation Inequality of Royen, are qualitative statements which establish that any two functions of a certain type have non-negative correlation. In this work we give a general approach that can be used to bootstrap many qualitative correlation inequalities for functions over product spaces into quantitative statements. The approach combines a new extremal result about power series, proved using complex analysis, with harmonic analysis of functions over product spaces. We instantiate this general approach in several different concrete settings to obtain a range of new and near-optimal quantitative correlation inequalities, including: ∙ A quantitative version of Royen's celebrated Gaussian Correlation Inequality. Royen (2014) confirmed a conjecture, open for 40 years, stating that any two symmetric, convex sets must be non-negatively correlated under any centered Gaussian distribution. We give a lower bound on the correlation in terms of the vector of degree-2 Hermite coefficients of the two convex sets, analogous to the correlation bound for monotone Boolean functions over {0,1}^n obtained by Talagrand (1996). ∙ A quantitative version of the well-known FKG inequality for monotone functions over any finite product probability space, generalizing the quantitative correlation bound for monotone Boolean functions over {0,1}^n obtained by Talagrand (1996). The only prior generalization of which we are aware is due to Keller (2008, 2009, 2012), which extended Talagrand's result to product distributions over {0,1}^n. We also give two different quantitative versions of the FKG inequality for monotone functions over the continuous domain [0,1]^n, answering a question of Keller (2009).


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