Quantifying the relationship between student enrollment patterns and student performance

by   Shahab Boumi, et al.
University of Central Florida

College students are enrolled at each semester with either part time or full time status. While most of the students keep an overall constant enrollment status during their education period, some of them may frequently change their status between full time and part time from one semester to the next. The goal of this research is to exploit the historic patterns to estimate and categorize students' strategy in three different groups of part time, full time and mixed, investigate the educational features of each group and compare their performance. Enrollment strategy refers to the student's mindset for enrollment plan and in one way can be captured from the student's historic enrollment status. Data is collected from the University of Central Florida from 2008 to 2017 and Hidden Markov Model is applied to identify different types of student strategy. Results show that students with Mixed Enrollment Strategy (MES) have features (ex. time to graduation and graduation and halt enrollment ratio) and performances (ex. cumulative GPA) relatively between students with Full time Enrollment Strategy (FES) and students with Part time Enrollment Strategy (PES).


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