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Quantifying Teaching Behaviour in Robot Learning from Demonstration

by   Aran Sena, et al.

Learning from demonstration allows for rapid deployment of robot manipulators to a great many tasks, by relying on a person showing the robot what to do rather than programming it. While this approach provides many opportunities, measuring, evaluating and improving the person's teaching ability has remained largely unexplored in robot manipulation research. To this end, a model for learning from demonstration is presented here which incorporates the teacher's understanding of, and influence on, the learner. The proposed model is used to clarify the teacher's objectives during learning from demonstration, providing new views on how teaching failures and efficiency can be defined. The benefit of this approach is shown in two experiments (N=30 and N=36, respectively), which highlight the difficulty teachers have in providing effective demonstrations, and show how 169-180 be achieved through evaluation and feedback shaped by the proposed framework, relative to unguided teaching.


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