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QCM-SGM+: Improved Quantized Compressed Sensing With Score-Based Generative Models for General Sensing Matrices

by   Xiangming Meng, et al.

In realistic compressed sensing (CS) scenarios, the obtained measurements usually have to be quantized to a finite number of bits before transmission and/or storage, thus posing a challenge in recovery, especially for extremely coarse quantization such as 1-bit sign measurements. Recently Meng Kabashima proposed an efficient quantized compressed sensing algorithm called QCS-SGM using the score-based generative models as an implicit prior. Thanks to the power of score-based generative models in capturing the rich structure of the prior, QCS-SGM achieves remarkably better performances than previous quantized CS methods. However, QCS-SGM is restricted to (approximately) row-orthogonal sensing matrices since otherwise the likelihood score becomes intractable. To address this challenging problem, in this paper we propose an improved version of QCS-SGM, which we call QCS-SGM+, which also works well for general matrices. The key idea is a Bayesian inference perspective of the likelihood score computation, whereby an expectation propagation algorithm is proposed to approximately compute the likelihood score. Experiments on a variety of baseline datasets demonstrate that the proposed QCS-SGM+ outperforms QCS-SGM by a large margin when sensing matrices are far from row-orthogonal.


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