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qBSA: Logic Design of a 32-bit Block-Skewed RSFQ Arithmetic Logic Unit

by   Souvik Kundu, et al.
University of Southern California

Single flux quantum (SFQ) circuits are an attractive beyond-CMOS technology because they promise two orders of magnitude lower power at clock frequencies exceeding 25 GHz.However, every SFQ gate is clocked creating very deep gate-level pipelines that are difficult to keep full, particularly for sequences that include data-dependent operations. This paper proposes to increase the throughput of SFQ pipelines by re-designing the datapath to accept and operate on least-significant bits (LSBs) clock cycles earlier than more significant bits. This skewed datapath approach reduces the latency of the LSB side which can be feedback earlier for use in subsequent data-dependent operations increasing their throughput. In particular,we propose to group the bits into 4-bit blocks that are operatedon concurrently and create block-skewed datapath units for 32-bit operation. This skewed approach allows a subsequent data-dependent operation to start evaluating as soon as the first 4-bit block completes. Using this general approach, we developa block-skewed MIPS-compatible 32-bit ALU. Our gate-level Verilog design improves the throughput of 32-bit data dependent operations by 2x and 1.5x compared to previously proposed 4-bit bit-slice and 32-bit Ladner-Fischer ALUs respectively.


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