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QANet - Quality Assurance Network for Microscopy Cell Segmentation

by   Assaf Arbelle, et al.

Tools and methods for automatic image segmentation are rapidly developing, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. While these methods are designed to be as general as possible, there are no guarantees for their performance on new data. The choice between methods is usually based on benchmark performance whereas the data in the benchmark can be significantly different than that of the user. We introduce a novel Deep Learning method which, given an image and a proposed corresponding segmentation, estimates the Intersection over Union measure (IoU) with respect to the unknown ground truth. We refer to this method as a Quality Assurance Network - QANet. The QANet is designed to give the user an estimate of the segmentation quality on the users own, private, data without the need for human inspection or labelling. It is based on the RibCage Network architecture, originally proposed in an adversarial network framework. Promising IoU prediction results are demonstrated based on the Cell Segmentation Benchmark. code is freely available at: TBD


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