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Q A MAESTRO: Q A Post Recommendation for Fixing Java Runtime Exceptions

by   Yusuke Kimura, et al.

Programmers often use Q A sites (e.g., Stack Overflow) to understand a root cause of program bugs. Runtime exceptions is one of such important class of bugs that is actively discussed on Stack Overflow. However, it may be difficult for beginner programmers to come up with appropriate keywords for search. Moreover, they need to switch their attentions between IDE and browser, and it is time-consuming. To overcome these difficulties, we proposed a method, “Q A MAESTRO”, to find suitable Q A posts automatically for Java runtime exception by utilizing structure information of codes described in programming Q A website. In this paper, we describe a usage scenario of IDE-plugin, the architecture and user interface of the implementation, and results of user studies. A video is available at A demo software is available at


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