Pyramid R-CNN: Towards Better Performance and Adaptability for 3D Object Detection

by   Jiageng Mao, et al.

We present a flexible and high-performance framework, named Pyramid R-CNN, for two-stage 3D object detection from point clouds. Current approaches generally rely on the points or voxels of interest for RoI feature extraction on the second stage, but cannot effectively handle the sparsity and non-uniform distribution of those points, and this may result in failures in detecting objects that are far away. To resolve the problems, we propose a novel second-stage module, named pyramid RoI head, to adaptively learn the features from the sparse points of interest. The pyramid RoI head consists of three key components. Firstly, we propose the RoI-grid Pyramid, which mitigates the sparsity problem by extensively collecting points of interest for each RoI in a pyramid manner. Secondly, we propose RoI-grid Attention, a new operation that can encode richer information from sparse points by incorporating conventional attention-based and graph-based point operators into a unified formulation. Thirdly, we propose the Density-Aware Radius Prediction (DARP) module, which can adapt to different point density levels by dynamically adjusting the focusing range of RoIs. Combining the three components, our pyramid RoI head is robust to the sparse and imbalanced circumstances, and can be applied upon various 3D backbones to consistently boost the detection performance. Extensive experiments show that Pyramid R-CNN outperforms the state-of-the-art 3D detection models by a large margin on both the KITTI dataset and the Waymo Open dataset.


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