PyDraw: a GUI drawing generator based on Tkinter and its design concept

08/28/2018 ∙ by Jinwei Lin, et al. ∙ 0

The emergence of GUI is a great progress in the history of computer science and software design. GUI makes human computer interaction more simple and interesting. Python, as a popular programming language in recent years, has not been realized in GUI design. Tkinter has the advantage of native support for Python, but there are too few visual GUI generators supporting Tkinter. This article presents a GUI generator based on Tkinter framework, PyDraw. The design principle of PyDraw and the powerful design concept behind it are introduced in detail. With PyDraw's GUI design philosophy, it can easily design a visual GUI rendering generator for any GUI framework with canvas functionality or programming language with screen display control. This article is committed to conveying PyDraw's GUI free design concept. Through experiments, we have proved the practicability and efficiency of PyDrawd. In order to better convey the design concept of PyDraw, let more enthusiasts join PyDraw update and evolution, we have the source code of PyDraw. At the end of the article, we summarize our experience and express our vision for future GUI design. We believe that the future GUI will play an important role in graphical software programming, the future of less code or even no code programming software design methods must become a focus and hot, free, like drawing GUI will be worth pursuing.



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