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PUGeo-Net: A Geometry-centric Network for 3D Point Cloud Upsampling

by   Yue Qian, et al.
City University of Hong Kong
Nanyang Technological University

This paper addresses the problem of generating uniform dense point clouds to describe the underlying geometric structures from given sparse point clouds. Due to the irregular and unordered nature, point cloud densification as a generative task is challenging. To tackle the challenge, we propose a novel deep neural network based method, called PUGeo-Net, that learns a 3× 3 linear transformation matrix T for each input point. Matrix T approximates the augmented Jacobian matrix of a local parameterization and builds a one-to-one correspondence between the 2D parametric domain and the 3D tangent plane so that we can lift the adaptively distributed 2D samples (which are also learned from data) to 3D space. After that, we project the samples to the curved surface by computing a displacement along the normal of the tangent plane. PUGeo-Net is fundamentally different from the existing deep learning methods that are largely motivated by the image super-resolution techniques and generate new points in the abstract feature space. Thanks to its geometry-centric nature, PUGeo-Net works well for both CAD models with sharp features and scanned models with rich geometric details. Moreover, PUGeo-Net can compute the normal for the original and generated points, which is highly desired by the surface reconstruction algorithms. Computational results show that PUGeo-Net, the first neural network that can jointly generate vertex coordinates and normals, consistently outperforms the state-of-the-art in terms of accuracy and efficiency for upsampling factor 4∼ 16


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