Publish-Subscribe Framework for Event Management in IoT-based Applications

01/07/2018 ∙ by Truc D. T. Nguyen, et al. ∙ 0

The incredible growth of sensors and microcontroller units makes the task of real-time event monitoring in the Internet of Things (IoT) based applications easier and more practical. In order to effectively support the event management in IoT-based applications, we propose a framework that is based on the publish-subscribe model for detecting events from IoT sensor nodes and sending notifications to subscribers (end-users) via Internet, SMS, and Calling. With the exception of the advantages inherited from the publish-subscribe model, the further advantages of the proposed framework are the ease of use in terms of user configuration without any need of technical skills, the aid of security mechanisms to prevent network intrusion, and the minimum hardware resource requirement. Additionally, the proposed framework is applicable and adaptable to various platforms since it has been developed by using Boost C++ Libraries and CMake. To evaluate the proposed framework, we develop a prototype of a real-time event monitoring system that is also presented in this paper.



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