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PSYCHOTHOTONIX defines a quantum data set of internal non-matter image states consisting of (B)ehavior (E)motion and (D)ecision in the human brain as vectors mapped to a Psychothotnix sphere moving in time. Psychothotonix is the first technology/math model that defines reality as human consciousness (internal image states) in the brain interacting with external objective reality resulting in a new type of space-time diagram. The methodology of capturing image data in vector form maintains the integrity of the quantum data and allows data scientists to easily perform calculations (vector addition/normalization/tensor calculus) to interpret the impact of more than one person’s internal (B)(E)(D) vector state as well as the ability to use tensor calculus to trace out the curve of any vector or aggregated vectors moving in time thus being able to measure internal (B)(E)(D) changes to outside stimulus (external images) for an individual or population. The equations of image motion derived from the external Newtonian laws of physics may be applied influencing an individual or populations’ (B)(E)(D) state at a moment in time.



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