PsyQA: A Chinese Dataset for Generating Long Counseling Text for Mental Health Support

by   Hao Sun, et al.

Great research interests have been attracted to devise AI services that are able to provide mental health support. However, the lack of corpora is a main obstacle to this research, particularly in Chinese language. In this paper, we propose PsyQA, a Chinese dataset of psychological health support in the form of question and answer pair. PsyQA is crawled from a Chinese mental health service platform, and contains 22K questions and 56K long and well-structured answers. Based on the psychological counseling theories, we annotate a portion of answer texts with typical strategies for providing support, and further present in-depth analysis of both lexical features and strategy patterns in the counseling answers. We also evaluate the performance of generating counseling answers with the generative pretrained models. Results show that utilizing strategies enhances the fluency and helpfulness of generated answers, but there is still a large space for future research.


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