PSweight: An R Package for Propensity Score Weighting Analysis

10/18/2020 ∙ by Tianhui Zhou, et al. ∙ 0

Propensity score weighting is an important tool for causal inference and comparative effectiveness research. Besides the inverse probability of treatment weights (IPW), recent development has introduced a general class of balancing weights, corresponding to alternative target populations and estimands. In particular, the overlap weights (OW)lead to optimal covariate balance and estimation efficiency, and a target population of scientific and policy interest. We develop the R package PSweight to provide a comprehensive design and analysis platform for causal inference based on propensity score weighting. PSweight supports (i) a variety of balancing weights, including OW, IPW, matching weights as well as optimal trimming, (ii) binary and multiple treatments, (iii)simple and augmented (double-robust) weighting estimators, (iv) nuisance-adjusted sandwich variances, and (v) ratio estimands for binary and count outcomes. PSweight also provides diagnostic tables and graphs for study design and covariate balance assessment. In addition, PSweight allows for propensity scores and outcome models to be estimated externally by the users. We demonstrate the functionality of the package using a data example from the National Child Development Survey (NCDS), where we evaluate the causal effect of educational attainment on income.



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