PSO-Based Optimal Coverage Path Planning for Surface Defect Inspection of 3C Components with a Robotic Line Scanner

by   Hongpeng Chen, et al.

The automatic inspection of surface defects is an important task for quality control in the computers, communications, and consumer electronics (3C) industry. Conventional devices for defect inspection (viz. line-scan sensors) have a limited field of view, thus, a robot-aided defect inspection system needs to scan the object from multiple viewpoints. Optimally selecting the robot's viewpoints and planning a path is regarded as coverage path planning (CPP), a problem that enables inspecting the object's complete surface while reducing the scanning time and avoiding misdetection of defects. However, the development of CPP strategies for robotic line scanners has not been sufficiently studied by researchers. To fill this gap in the literature, in this paper, we present a new approach for robotic line scanners to detect surface defects of 3C free-form objects automatically. Our proposed solution consists of generating a local path by a new hybrid region segmentation method and an adaptive planning algorithm to ensure the coverage of the complete object surface. An optimization method for the global path sequence is developed to maximize the scanning efficiency. To verify our proposed methodology, we conduct detailed simulation-based and experimental studies on various free-form workpieces, and compare its performance with a state-of-the-art solution. The reported results demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of our approach.


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