Pseudo-label Correction and Learning For Semi-Supervised Object Detection

by   Yulin He, et al.

Pseudo-Labeling has emerged as a simple yet effective technique for semi-supervised object detection (SSOD). However, the inevitable noise problem in pseudo-labels significantly degrades the performance of SSOD methods. Recent advances effectively alleviate the classification noise in SSOD, while the localization noise which is a non-negligible part of SSOD is not well-addressed. In this paper, we analyse the localization noise from the generation and learning phases, and propose two strategies, namely pseudo-label correction and noise-unaware learning. For pseudo-label correction, we introduce a multi-round refining method and a multi-vote weighting method. The former iteratively refines the pseudo boxes to improve the stability of predictions, while the latter smoothly self-corrects pseudo boxes by weighing the scores of surrounding jittered boxes. For noise-unaware learning, we introduce a loss weight function that is negatively correlated with the Intersection over Union (IoU) in the regression task, which pulls the predicted boxes closer to the object and improves localization accuracy. Our proposed method, Pseudo-label Correction and Learning (PCL), is extensively evaluated on the MS COCO and PASCAL VOC benchmarks. On MS COCO, PCL outperforms the supervised baseline by 12.16, 12.11, and 9.57 mAP and the recent SOTA (SoftTeacher) by 3.90, 2.54, and 2.43 mAP under 1%, 5%, and 10% labeling ratios, respectively. On PASCAL VOC, PCL improves the supervised baseline by 5.64 mAP and the recent SOTA (Unbiased Teacherv2) by 1.04 mAP on AP^50.


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