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Proximal Subgradient Norm Minimization of ISTA and FISTA

by   Bowen Li, et al.

For first-order smooth optimization, the research on the acceleration phenomenon has a long-time history. Until recently, the mechanism leading to acceleration was not successfully uncovered by the gradient correction term and its equivalent implicit-velocity form. Furthermore, based on the high-resolution differential equation framework with the corresponding emerging techniques, phase-space representation and Lyapunov function, the squared gradient norm of Nesterov's accelerated gradient descent () method at an inverse cubic rate is discovered. However, this result cannot be directly generalized to composite optimization widely used in practice, e.g., the linear inverse problem with sparse representation. In this paper, we meticulously observe a pivotal inequality used in composite optimization about the step size s and the Lipschitz constant L and find that it can be improved tighter. We apply the tighter inequality discovered in the well-constructed Lyapunov function and then obtain the proximal subgradient norm minimization by the phase-space representation, regardless of gradient-correction or implicit-velocity. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the squared proximal subgradient norm for the class of iterative shrinkage-thresholding algorithms (ISTA) converges at an inverse square rate, and the squared proximal subgradient norm for the class of faster iterative shrinkage-thresholding algorithms (FISTA) is accelerated to convergence at an inverse cubic rate.


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