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Prosocial or Selfish? Agents with different behaviors for Contract Negotiation using Reinforcement Learning

by   Vishal Sunder, et al.

We present an effective technique for training deep learning agents capable of negotiating on a set of clauses in a contract agreement using a simple communication protocol. We use Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning to train both agents simultaneously as they negotiate with each other in the training environment. We also model selfish and prosocial behavior to varying degrees in these agents. Empirical evidence is provided showing consistency in agent behaviors. We further train a meta agent with a mixture of behaviors by learning an ensemble of different models using reinforcement learning. Finally, to ascertain the deployability of the negotiating agents, we conducted experiments pitting the trained agents against human players. Results demonstrate that the agents are able to hold their own against human players, often emerging as winners in the negotiation. Our experiments demonstrate that the meta agent is able to reasonably emulate human behavior.


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