Proportional Allocation of Indivisible Goods up to the Least Valued Good on Average

by   Yusuke Kobayashi, et al.
Kyoto University

We study the problem of fairly allocating a set of indivisible goods to multiple agents and focus on the proportionality, which is one of the classical fairness notions. Since proportional allocations do not always exist when goods are indivisible, approximate concepts of proportionality have been considered in the previous work. Among them, proportionality up to the maximin good (PROPm) has been the best approximate notion of proportionality that can be achieved for all instances. In this paper, we introduce the notion of proportionality up to the least valued good on average (PROPavg), which is a stronger notion than PROPm, and show that a PROPavg allocation always exists. Our results establish PROPavg as a notable non-trivial fairness notion that can be achieved for all instances. Our proof is constructive, and based on a new technique that generalizes the cut-and-choose protocol.


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