Proof of Authenticity of Logistics Information with Passive RFID Tags and Blockchain

by   Hiroshi Watanabe, et al.

In tracing the (robotically automated) logistics of large quantities of goods, inexpensive passive RFID tags are preferred for cost reasons. Accordingly, security between such tags and readers have primarily been studied among many issues of RFID. However, the authenticity of data cannot be guaranteed if logistics services can give false information. Although the use of blockchain is often discussed, it is simply a recording system, so there is a risk that false records may be written to it. As a solution, we propose a design in which a digitally signing, location-constrained and tamper-evident reader atomically writes an evidence to blockchain along with its reading and writing a tag. By semi-formal modeling, we confirmed that the confidentiality and integrity of the information can be maintained throughout the system, and digitally signed data can be verified later despite possible compromise of private keys or signature algorithms, or expiration of public key certificates. We also introduce a prototype design to show that our proposal is viable. This makes it possible to trace authentic logistics information using inexpensive passive RFID tags. Furthermore, by abstracting the reader/writer as a sensor/actuator, this model can be extended to IoT in general.


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