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Promoting Mental Well-Being for Audiences in a Live-Streaming Game by Highlight-Based Bullet Comments

by   Junjie H. Xu, et al.

This paper proposes a method for generating bullet comments for live-streaming games based on highlights (i.e., the exciting parts of video clips) extracted from the game content and evaluate the effect of mental health promotion. Game live streaming is becoming a popular theme for academic research. Compared to traditional online video sharing platforms, such as Youtube and Vimeo, video live streaming platform has the benefits of communicating with other viewers in real-time. In sports broadcasting, the commentator plays an essential role as mood maker by making matches more exciting. The enjoyment emerged while watching game live streaming also benefits the audience's mental health. However, many e-sports live streaming channels do not have a commentator for entertaining viewers. Therefore, this paper presents a design of an AI commentator that can be embedded in live streaming games. To generate bullet comments for real-time game live streaming, the system employs highlight evaluation to detect the highlights, and generate the bullet comments. An experiment is conducted and the effectiveness of generated bullet comments in a live-streaming fighting game channel is evaluated.


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