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Prolonging Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks with Path-Constrained Mobile Sink

by   Basilis Mamalis, et al.

Many studies in recent years have considered the use of mobile sinks (MS) for data gathering in wireless sensor networks (WSN), so as to reduce the need for data forwarding among the sensor nodes (SN) and thereby prolong the network lifetime. Moreover, in practice, often the MS tour length has to be kept below a threshold, usually due to timeliness constraints on the sensors data (delay-critical applications). This paper presents a modified clustering and data forwarding protocol combined with a MS solution for efficient data gathering in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) with delay constraints. The adopted cluster formation method is based in the 'residual energy' of the SNs and it is appropriately modified in order to fit properly to the requirement of length-constrained MS tour, which involves, among else, the need for inter-cluster communication and increased data forwarding. In addition, a suitable data gathering protocol is designed, based on an approximated TSP route that satisfies the given length constraint, whereas the proper application of reclustering phases guarantees the effective handling of the 'energy holes' caused around the CHs involved in the MS route. Extended simulation experiments show the stable and energy-efficient behavior of the proposed scheme (thus leading to increased network lifetime) as well as its higher performance in comparison to other competent approaches from the literature.


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