Progressive Spatio-temporal Perception for Audio-Visual Question Answering

by   Guangyao Li, et al.

Audio-Visual Question Answering (AVQA) task aims to answer questions about different visual objects, sounds, and their associations in videos. Such naturally multi-modal videos are composed of rich and complex dynamic audio-visual components, where most of which could be unrelated to the given questions, or even play as interference in answering the content of interest. Oppositely, only focusing on the question-aware audio-visual content could get rid of influence, meanwhile enabling the model to answer more efficiently. In this paper, we propose a Progressive Spatio-Temporal Perception Network (PSTP-Net), which contains three modules that progressively identify key spatio-temporal regions w.r.t. questions. Specifically, a temporal segment selection module is first introduced to select the most relevant audio-visual segments related to the given question. Then, a spatial region selection module is utilized to choose the most relevant regions associated with the question from the selected temporal segments. To further refine the selection of features, an audio-guided visual attention module is employed to perceive the association between auido and selected spatial regions. Finally, the spatio-temporal features from these modules are integrated for answering the question. Extensive experimental results on the public MUSIC-AVQA and AVQA datasets provide compelling evidence of the effectiveness and efficiency of PSTP-Net. Code is available at: \href{}{}


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