Progress Report on Numerical Modeling of a Prototype Fuel Cell

by   O. Beruski, et al.

Progress on the numerical modeling of a prototype fuel cell is reported. Known limitations of the original model are addressed, such as a diluted approach to species transport and a homogeneous reaction model, in order to better reflect the understanding of the physical processes. A mesh convergence study is carried on the improved model, and a comparison between model frameworks is made. Non-monotonic behavior is seen for relevant variables in the convergence study, indicating these are not in the asymptotic regime even at the finer meshes available. Error estimates were obtained using extrapolation schemes and a proxy, reduced computational geometry, resulting in average errors of ∼ 10%. Model comparison showed better correlation between the improved model and available experimental data, however it lacks validation power when the error estimates are taken in account. Further model improvements are envisioned, as well as the necessity for additional experimental data and computational resources for validation.



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