Prognosticating Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Artificial Neural Network: Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm

by   Avishek Choudhury, et al.

Autism spectrum condition (ASC) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is primarily identified with the help of behavioral indications encompassing social, sensory and motor characteristics. Although categorized, recurring motor actions are measured during diagnosis, quantifiable measures that ascertain kinematic physiognomies in the movement configurations of autistic persons are not adequately studied, hindering the advances in understanding the etiology of motor mutilation. Subject aspects such as behavioral characters that influences ASD need further exploration. Presently, limited autism datasets concomitant with screening ASD are available, and a majority of them are genetic. Hence, in this study, we used a dataset related to autism screening enveloping ten behavioral and ten personal attributes that have been effective in diagnosing ASD cases from controls in behavior science. ASD diagnosis is time exhaustive and uneconomical. The burgeoning ASD cases worldwide mandate a need for the fast and economical screening tool. Our study aimed to implement an artificial neural network with the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm to detect ASD and examine its predictive accuracy. Consecutively, develop a clinical decision support system for early ASD identification.



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