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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Cloud and Robotics (ICCR2018)

by   Huaxi, et al.

The 5th edition of the International Conference on Cloud and Robotics (ICCR 2018 - will be held on November 12-14 2018 in Paris and Saint-Quentin, France. The conference is a co-event with GDR ALROB and the industry exposition Robonumerique ( The domain of cloud robotics aims to converge robots with computation, storage and communication resources provided by the cloud. The cloud may complement robotic resources in several ways, including crowd-sourcing knowledge databases, context information, computational offloading or data-intensive information processing for artificial intelligence. Today, the paradigms of cloud/fog/edge computing propose software architecture solutions for robots to share computations or offload them to ambiant and networked resources. Yet, combining distant computations with the real time constraints of robotics is very challenging. As the challenges in this domain are multi-disciplinary and similar in other research areas, Cloud Robotics aims at building bridges among experts from academia and industry working in different fields, such as robotics, cyber-physical systems, automotive, aerospace, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software architecture, big data analytics, Internet-of-Things, networked control and distributed cloud systems.


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