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Procedural Reading Comprehension with Attribute-Aware Context Flow

by   Aida Amini, et al.

Procedural texts often describe processes (e.g., photosynthesis and cooking) that happen over entities (e.g., light, food). In this paper, we introduce an algorithm for procedural reading comprehension by translating the text into a general formalism that represents processes as a sequence of transitions over entity attributes (e.g., location, temperature). Leveraging pre-trained language models, our model obtains entity-aware and attribute-aware representations of the text by joint prediction of entity attributes and their transitions. Our model dynamically obtains contextual encodings of the procedural text exploiting information that is encoded about previous and current states to predict the transition of a certain attribute which can be identified as a span of text or from a pre-defined set of classes. Moreover, our model achieves state of the art results on two procedural reading comprehension datasets, namely ProPara and npn-cooking


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