Problems in AI research and how the SP System may help to solve them

by   J Gerard Wolff, et al.

This paper describes problems in AI research and how the SP System may help to solve them. Most of the problems are described by leading researchers in AI in interviews with science writer Martin Ford, and reported by him in his book Architects of Intelligence. These problems, each with potential solutions via SP, are: how to overcome the divide between symbolic and non-symbolic kinds of knowledge and processing; eliminating large and unexpected errors in recognition; the challenge of unsupervised learning; the problem of generalisation, with under- and over-generalisation; learning from a single exposure or experience; the problem of transfer learning; how to create learning that is fast, economical in demands for data and computer resources; the problems of transparency in results and processing; problems in the processing of natural language; problems in the development of probabilistic reasoning; the problem of catastrophic forgetting; how to achieve generality across several aspects of AI. The SP System provides a relatively promising foundation for the development of artificial general intelligence.


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