Probery: A Probability-based Incomplete Query Optimization for Big Data

by   Jie Song, et al.

Nowadays, query optimization has been highly concerned in big data management, especially in NoSQL databases. Approximate queries boost query performance by loss of accuracy, for example, sampling approaches trade off query completeness for efficiency. Different from them, we propose an uncertainty of query completeness, called Probability of query Completeness (PC for short). PC refers to the possibility that query results contain all satisfied records. For example PC=0.95, it guarantees that there are no more than 5 incomplete queries among 100 ones, but not guarantees how incomplete they are. We trade off PC for query performance, and experiments show that a small loss of PC doubles query performance. The proposed Probery (PROBability-based data quERY) adopts the uncertainty of query completeness to accelerate OLTP queries. This paper illustrates the data and probability models, the probability based data placement and query processing, and the Apache Drill-based implementation of Probery. In experiments, we first prove that the percentage of complete queries is larger than the given PC confidence for various cases, namely that the PC guarantee is validate. Then Probery is compared with Drill, Impala and Hive in terms of query performance. The results indicate that Drill-based Probery performs as fast as Drill with complete query, while averagely 1.8x, 1.3x and 1.6x faster than Drill, Impala and Hive with possible complete query, respectively.



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