PRNU Based Source Camera Identification for Webcam and Smartphone Videos

by   Fernando Martin-Rodriguez, et al.

This communication is about an application of image forensics where we use camera sensor fingerprints to identify source camera (SCI: Source Camera Identification) in webcam/smartphone videos. Sensor or camera fingerprints are based on computing the intrinsic noise that is always present in this kind of sensors due to manufacturing imperfections. This is an unavoidable characteristic that links each sensor with its noise pattern. PRNU (Photo Response Non-Uniformity) has become the default technique to compute a camera fingerprint. There are many applications nowadays dealing with PRNU patterns for camera identification using still images. In this work we focus on video, first on webcam video and afterwards on smartphone video. Webcams and smartphones are the most used video cameras nowadays. Three possible methods for SCI are implemented and assessed in this work.


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