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Privacy Preserving Face Retrieval in the Cloud for Mobile Users

by   Xin Jin, et al.

Recently, cloud storage and processing have been widely adopted. Mobile users in one family or one team may automatically backup their photos to the same shared cloud storage space. The powerful face detector trained and provided by a 3rd party may be used to retrieve the photo collection which contains a specific group of persons from the cloud storage server. However, the privacy of the mobile users may be leaked to the cloud server providers. In the meanwhile, the copyright of the face detector should be protected. Thus, in this paper, we propose a protocol of privacy preserving face retrieval in the cloud for mobile users, which protects the user photos and the face detector simultaneously. The cloud server only provides the resources of storage and computing and can not learn anything of the user photos and the face detector. We test our protocol inside several families and classes. The experimental results reveal that our protocol can successfully retrieve the proper photos from the cloud server and protect the user photos and the face detector.


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