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Privacy Preservation Among Honest-but-Curious Edge Nodes: A Survey

by   Christian Badolato, et al.

Users care greatly about preserving the privacy of their personal data gathered during their use of information systems. This extends to both the data they actively provide in exchange for services as well as the metadata passively generated in many aspects of their computing experiences. However, new technologies are at a great risk of being inadequate to protect a user's privacy if researchers focus primarily on the use cases of these technologies without giving sufficient consideration to incorporating privacy at a fundamental level. Edge computing has been introduced as a promising networking paradigm for processing the incredible magnitude of data produced by modern IoT networks. As edge computing is still considered a relatively new technology, the edge computing community has a responsibility to ensure privacy protection is interwoven into its implementations at a foundational level. In this paper, I first introduce the concepts of user privacy and edge computing; I then provide a state-of-the-art overview of current literature as it relates to privacy preservation in honest-but-curious edge computing. Finally, I provide future research recommendations in the hope that the edge computing research and development community will be inspired to ensure strong privacy protections in their current and future work.


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